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Liposuction-What’s included in our package?

The procedure alone costs £820 for chin liposuction, £1260 for inner thigh liposuction and £1880 for upper and lower tummy liposuction without taking into consideration any travel, accommodation or other costs. Everything is included in the package – and we take care of all the arrangements for you

About Liposuction

Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery in which unwanted areas of fat are removed from beneath the skin using a suction device inserted through a small incision This procedure is designed to remove stubborn areas of fat, usually around the hips, thighs, buttocks, stomach, upper arms and chin.

Liposuction should not be considered as a means of losing weight. The maximum amount of fat which can be removed is about 5-6 litres, so any reduction in your actual body weight is quite minimal.

The procedure, other than for small areas such as the chin, is performed under general anaesthetic. The length of the procedure depends on the amount and type of fatty tissue, generally around 1-2 hours. During the surgery a small (3 mm thick) instrument is inserted under the skin through one or more tiny incisions and the excess fat is removed by suction through this instrument. The incisions are then closed with sutures. These are often dissolving sutures, but if not they can usually be removed after about 7 days. Complications arising from liposuction are rare (less than1%), but possibly our surgeons will require you to stay in the clinic overnight to ensure there are no problems.

After the surgery you will be asked to wear an elasticated garment to cause compression, which pushes back the loose skin. You must wear this continuously, day and night as long as your surgeon advises – usually for 2 weeks or more (it can be removed during bathing)

Compression will reduce the possibility of a haematoma or seroma (a collection of blood or fluid) developing.

Liposuction will help the contouring and shape of the treated area and one advantage of the procedure is that should you gain weight at a later time the fat will distributed more evenly under the skin. Liposuction is a very popular and straightforward procedure and the results are soon apparent and easily achieved.


Why choose the package?

  • All Inclusive Package Prices:
  • Chin liposuction £1300
  • Inner thigh liposution £1810
  • Upper & lower tummy liposuction £2430

What’s included in our package price?

  • OUR PERSONAL ATTENTION – One of us will be there in Kosice to meet you at the hotel and to accompany you to the clinic for your procedure. We will visit you afterwards too – making sure everything goes well for you
  1. All pre-operative tests and investigations required at the clinic before your procedure
  2. Pre-operative consultations with your surgeon at the clinic
  3. Your surgical procedure itself including all materials/anaesthetics as required
  4. All medicines and dressings whilst at the hospital and during your stay.
  5. All post-operative check-ups and examinations during your stay
  6. Overnight accommodation in your first class room in the clinic (if needed) including meals and full nursing care
  7. All garments/compressive bandages needed for your return home
  8. Full Cosmetic Bliss after care package, with free Bio-oil and post-procedure advice
  9. 10% discount on any future cosmetic surgery procedures arranged with us

What extra costs are there?

If you wish to take a friend/partner with you we can arrange their discounted accommodation at an extra charge. Just let us know at the time of booking. We will also be happy to extend your stay for you if you wish to do some sightseeing after your procedure.

Medical Questionnaire

We can offer an initial consultation where our surgeon can look at your medical history and photos and let you know if surgery is suitable and which procedure would give the best results. Please click the button below and complete the online form for your initial consultation.

When you return home you should try to massage the treated area regularly and often with vitamin E cream, BIO-OIL or moisturising lotion. This helps the layers of tissue that have been disturbed by the removal of fat to knit together properly and disperses the remaining fat cells evenly and smoothly.